Free Downloads

Free Downloads

from the Practical Guide
We offer you free downloads accompanying the practical guide »Project Management with ArchiCAD« to make your office routine easier and increase efficiency. Via the following link you get to the web page where you can download the files for free.

The free package includes an exemplary working instruction for a roof framing plan, allowing any colleague to carry out a new construction at any time. Moreover, you will find an example of an elaborate checklist for the optimization of efficiency, workflow and overview within the course of a project.

Template File

An organized ArchiCAD File

for a perfect workflow: The optimum basis for your work
Nothing holds you back as much as having to repeat recurring worksteps time and again. With a project template matching your requirements, you can sidestep these tedious tasks. You thereby additionally optimize your navigation through the project, achieve a consistent quality of output and at the same time ensure a planning standard within your company.

All the settings described in the book "Project Management with ArchiCAD" have been included in this file! From organized attributes up to installed layouts for all phases of planning (proposal, approval, technical design, etc.) – everything has been perfectly dovetailed using the example of a single family house.

Save countless hours of work and make use of our template in your future projects!


When working with a complex software like ArchiCAD on a daily basis, optimized and efficient handling is indispensible. Of course many roads lead to the goal, but why work in a roundabout way when there are shorter and faster methods available, saving your company time and therefore money?

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Axel Meyer has developed a special, highly optimized working method by far exceeding the mere handling of the software during years of giving training courses for students and planning offices as well as accomplishing numerous projects using ArchiCAD.

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To be able to familiarize yourself in advance with the substance and surplus of the practical guide, you can find the table of contents as well as an excerpt from »Project Management with ArchiCAD« via the following link.

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