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Project Management with ArchiCAD

The practical guide by Axel Meyer for increasing efficiency in your planning office
Based on decades of experience, ArchiCoach has published a book titled "Project Management with ArchiCAD". Besides the book, various tools are on offer, providing the users with assistance and easing their workload. A template file, representing a perfect starting basis for a new project, starting basis for a new project, as well as aids for optimized working take center stage here.

When working with a complex software like ArchiCAD on a daily basis, optimized and efficient handling is indispensible. Of course many roads lead to the goal, but why work in a roundabout way when there are shorter and faster methods available, saving your company time and therefore money?

This book conveys a very special working method with ArchiCAD, optimized over the years, which does by far not include the software’s handling alone, but takes you a big step further: The organization of projects, file management, optimized project compilation, and the use of valuable tips and tricks are treated in this book, as well as the implementation of systematic company standards for an increase in efficiency in your office.

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Project Management with ArchiCAD

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Via the following link, you can order the new practical guide "Project Management with ArchiCAD" directly from Amazon. Moreover, we offer templates for users and additional files, providing a valuable supplement for the book.
"As of now, benefit from the advantages of a long-standing experience in effective project handling with ArchiCAD"

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Axel Meyer has developed a special, highly optimized working method by far exceeding the mere handling of the software during years of giving training courses for students and planning offices as well as accomplishing numerous projects using ArchiCAD.

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To be able to familiarize yourself in advance with the substance and surplus of the practical guide, you can find the table of contents as well as an excerpt from »Project Management with ArchiCAD« via the following link.

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ArchiCoach offers numerous additional files accompanying the book. An organized file as a basis for a perfect workflow with optimized settings and company standards, as well as free file downloads are waiting for you.

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